Alex B. Ramsey


Leadership. Life's required course. There's no way out. We all have to learn to be leaders, within our own lives and sometimes, to lead others.

I live in a beautiful street, more like a country street, but it's in the middle of Dallas. The reasonable center of the world, where the tanrantella of East and tango of the West Coast settles into an easy waltz. It is where I can think.

I like to do that.

I have clients all over the world, and have done the most amazing things. Like the time I flew out into the Pacific to spend a couple of days on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. Or the time I spent working with dolphins teaching them language in Hawaii as part of a project with the US Navy and the U of Hawaii.

Or the times I was invited to ring the opening bell at Nasdaq.

Or the times John Cleese, Robert Duvall, or the Prince and Princess of Lichtenstein came to dinner. I really enjoy having a good time and watching amazing things happen in this world.


The magic and mysteries of creating a better world. Adventure. Exploring. Big Mammals. Being outdoors. Theatre. Films. Books. Laughing. Leadership. Understanding what makes us tick. Creativity. Art. Science. Learning.